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Aussie tech startup launches world-first meal delivery program aimed at tackling diabetes

Photo: Hit 100 is a new tech start delivery healthy meals to those with diabetes and pr....
A health-tech startup with a difference launches in Australia this week to tackle the nation’s growing diabetes epidemic*. It aims to help people living with diabetes better manage their health, via home delivered meals and a unique online 100 point food tracking system.

Hit 100 - Australia’s only meal delivery service catering specifically for the increasing number of people living with diabetes (Type 2, Type 1 and Gestational) and pre-diabetes, was founded by a team of passionate entrepreneurs and diabetes experts to improve the health of our nation.

Offering a ‘doctor meets chef’ approach to health and meal management, this first-of-its-kind service offers delicious, diabetes-friendly meals delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps. This is accompanied by a simple, easy-to-use 100 point food tracking system and online app designed to help people record what they eat. Customers receive meal plans, developed by Hit 100’s team of Accredited Practising Dietitians, which are tailored to their energy requirements, ensuring nutritional
balance and variety over the course of a week.

The Glycemic Index Foundation, experts in carbohydrate in diet, has independently reviewed the points system and endorsed several of Hit 100’s Low GI recipes. The meal program starts from only $27 per day ($6.75 per serving) with Hit 100 providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks delivered free and direct to doorsteps each week.

A survey of Diabetes NSW members, conducted by Hit 100, confirms that people living with diabetes found food and mealtimes their main area of concern and the biggest challenge when it came to managing their health. Specifically, knowing what to eat, the cost of healthy food and not knowing where to get help.**

Hit 100 Founder & CEO, Karn Ghosh, said looking to address the challenges for people with diabetes, plus tackling the epidemic levels of diet-related diseases was the core mission of Hit 100 as a social enterprise: 
“We believe that every Australian deserves the right to access the tools and resources to manage or prevent chronic health issues – and healthy food is just the first step. To tackle the pressing health issues facing the likes of Greater Sydney and in order to reverse what we can see coming 25 years down the track, there is a real need to find ways to assist the healthcare system and empower people who want to create a healthier, happier life,” Ghosh said.

The service will initially roll out across Sydney with a focus on the growing number of diabetes cases in the Western suburbs.

Ghosh continued: “The dividing line showing the disparity between the health of communities across Western Sydney and the Eastern and Northern suburbs has been described as the ‘quinoa curtain’ phenomenon. It is clear that there is a large  eographical area where supply and access to nutritious food is compromised, which is a key driver of obesity and often type 2 diabetes.”

Sturt Eastwood, CEO of Diabetes NSW commented: “For many people living with diabetes, knowing how to manage their health through nutrition is one of the biggest challenges. Transparency and education around the importance of nutrition and healthy eating needs to be accessible to all.”

Dr Alan Barclay, Chief Scientific Officer at the Glycemic Foundation and author of ‘Reversing Diabetes’ said: “The Glycemic Index Foundation is proud to be part of this initiative to assist people in preventing or managing diabetes through sound healthy eating principles. As experts in the area of quality carbohydrates, we have reviewed Hit 100’s program and provided guidance on its development to ensure the recipes and meal solutions are all-round healthy options.”

Hit 100 is grounded on the shared values of its founders, who came together with the desire to drive positive social change and lifestyle solutions for people wanting to better manage their health. CEO Karn Ghosh is joined by private equity heavyweights Rishabh Mehrotra, Andrew Gray and Dr Sam Prince. More recently, the company raised a follow-on to seed round of financing, adding high-calibre angel investors including Adrian MacKenzie, Jared Keen and U.S. investors focused on the health and wellness sector.

The company is passionate about creating a better world through its business endeavours and has pledged to donate 10 per cent of all business profits and 1 per cent of company equity to charity.

A national roll out of the service is planned by the end of the year. 

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