Bullying in the Healthcare Workplace

Course Summary

This course on workplace bullying in healthcare, has been specifically designed with healthcare staff in mind including nurses, midwives, allied health professionals, medical staff and support staff. It reviews the important legislation that applies to healthcare workers, but also considers bullying scenarios that are typical in the healthcare workplace.

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Healthcare services and hospitals are complex environments that have been found to be prone to bullying between management and staff and among staff. The effects of workplace bullying can be devastating for the targeted individual(s) and on the broader organisation. It is therefore vital that all health professionals understand the drivers of workplace bullying, strategies for avoiding and dealing with it, as well as the legal obligations of both employers and employees.

This course is developed with all healthcare professionals in mind, including nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.

This course examines workplace bullying in healthcare, by:

  • Reviewing workplace bullying legislation, and how that legislation applies to employees
  • Examining the different types of bullying that take place, including detailed bullying scenarios, and strategies to prevent it
  • Discussing the effects of bullying in terms of the targeted individual, and the impact on the organisation, and
  • Discussing approaches for dealing with bullying in healthcare settings

The course has been developed by HealthTimes in partnership with Workplace Legal. Workplace Legal have extensive experience in the mediation and resolution of bullying incidents in healthcare settings.


To discuss licensing arrangements and to make this course available to all or a group of your staff, call 1300 306 582.


Course Contents
Bullying Legislation
Scenario Study
Types of Bullying
What to Do?
Scenario Review