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AAP Education is an independent company founded by Clinical Director Doug Cary, to provide the highest quality post graduate education for allied health professionals. Initially this involved his Anatomical Acupuncture Program (hence the name AAP Education) series of 4 courses. Through collaboration with other local and international presenters and researchers, AAP Education now provides a diverse range of educational training throughout Australia. Presenters utilise AAP Education's BTSPro service for full administration and marketing services. While AAP Education also provides clinical mentoring, membership options, online shop, fortnightly clinical eZines and Premium Partner discounts, our core service is the provision of high quality, clinical training. Who we work with Our program attendees are clinicians that have obtained a degree course in the medical health fields (physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, podiatry, medicine, nursing, osteopathy) and are seeking advanced clinical skills. Attendees are enthusiastic and passionate clinicians, yearning to succeed in the daily challenge of helping clients, but feel their ‘tool kit’ is partially empty. Program participants want to develop a broader range of management options to improve their client’s outcomes and are willing to work hard on their clinical skills, but have found accessing quality educational programs difficult and may previously have required out of state travel. Courses are soley chosen based on clinical quality and AAP Education is completely independent of any professional bodies. What you can expect from us When you attend one of our programs you will learn clinically applicable skills taught by clinicians that use them day-to-day. Presenters are often also researchers, leaders in their field and with specialist qualifications. The information presented will be up to date and often challenging to your current method of practice. While challenging, the courses are presented in a supportive teaching style, to encourage questions and understanding. You will learn more, than just the topic being presented due to the experience of your presenters. The single most common, post dry needling course comment from participants, is how they loved developing more confident and accurate, surface anatomy palpation skills. Under guidance they felt their hands came alive with sensitivity and understanding. In all our courses you will learn to integrate clinical reasoning into both yo
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AAP Education is an Education Provider
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AAP Education 5 William Street , Esperance, Western Australia 6450

Ph: 08 9071 5055

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