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Ausmed Education

Ausmed Education has been providing nurses and allied health professionals access to high quality Australian education and resources since 1987. Ausmed has a clear understanding of the learning needs of today's health care professionals. Our passion is to always work towards improving patient outcomes and care. We do this by providing nurses and allied health professionals, like you, accessible education which is both empowering and enabling.

Ausmed provides CPD for nurses throughout Australia in the form of conferences, seminars and online education each year. These educational opportunites provide nursing and allied health training. The subject matter of our conferences includes: diabetes, wound care, cardiac disease and other clinical areas. Mental health education is also widely supported with a broad array of courses about dementia, personality disorders and more general psychiatric nursing skills. Ausmed also provides an extensive range of management and administrative courses for ANUMs, ward clerks and other higher level managers.

Aside from the wide range of general nursing conferences offered by Ausmed, we also provide a diverse range of clinical courses for nurses and midwives. This popular series of education addresses both basic and advanced implementations of common clinical skills. Areas we provide education on include wound care, diabetes care, ECGs training, cardiac care and much more.


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Ausmed Education is an Education Provider
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Ausmed Education 121 Arden St , North Melbourne, Victoria 3052

Ph: 03 9326 8101

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