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LearnPRN Pty Ltd

Our interactive online units include: - Administration of Blood Products - Advanced Life Support Theory Update - Basic Life Support Theory Update - Early Management of Anaphylaxis & CPR Refresher - Elder Abuse - Emergency Procedures in Healthcare - Infection Control - Intravenous Cannulation Theory Refresher - Introduction to Triage - Manual Handling - Mental Health Drug Program - Preventing Aggression & Violence in the Mental Health Context - Preventing Workplace Aggression & Violence - Respiratory Assessment - Safe Medication Administration (both Acute Care & Residential Care) - Sexuality and the Older Person LearnPRN was founded with the main focus of providing eLearning programs to help meet the education needs of nurses. We know, after 30+ years in the health industry, that time, travel and costs can make accessing education problematic especially for nurses in rural areas. LearnPRN is an industry based education company run by a team of nurse educators. All of our programs are written by, and supported by, experienced nurse educators with solid clinical backgrounds. This ensures our programs are evidence based, contemporaneous, relevant and above all, interesting! It also means that every email contact or phone call to us will put you in touch with an experienced and supportive nurse educator, as we stand behind each of our programs. We have been using our own eLearning programs to support education delivery to our healthcare clients since 2003. We know they work because the nurses tell us.
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LearnPRN Pty Ltd is an Education Provider
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LearnPRN Pty Ltd 6 Frog Hollow , Bendigo, Victoria 3550

Ph: 0354433390

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