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Saudi Arabia

Working in Saudi Arabia

Hospitals in Saudi Arabia regularly have opportunities for Australian nurses and health professionals to travel and work for renewable contract periods typically of one or two years duration.  Most contracts are awarded on a 'single status' basis, that is if you are married or with a family they cannot travel with you.  Married status contracts may be available for more senior positions.

Salaries are typically comparable to those in Australia, but there may be a number of additional benefits that make the total remuneration very attractive including:

  • salaries paid tax free (we recommend that you review the taxation implications with a registered tax professional)
  • furnished accomodation
  • yearly bonuses
  • free flights
  • free recreation services (gym memberships etc)
  • bonus overtime pay
  • six to ten weeks vacation per year
  • free medical and emergency healthcare
If you are interested in working in Saudi Arabia as a health professional, we highly recommend you seek the assistance of an agency that specialises in the placement of of health professionals in the Middle East, such as CCM or Geneva Healthcare.