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United Arab Emirates

Opportunities for Health Professionals in the UAE

Australian nurses and health professionals are in demand in the Middle East and wonderful opportunities are available to work and travel in this amazing region. The United Arab Emirates offers health professionals the opportunity to work in an exciting, thriving, modern location and a great lifestyle.

The key destinations for nurses wanting to work in the United Arab Emirates are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  At present the licensing arrangements, salaries etc  for health professionals wanting to work in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi are managed quite separately by the Dubai Emirate or Abu Dhabi Emirate respectively.  As such the requirements between these two locations can vary.

Nurses and health professionals are typically employed on a contract basis for periods of one or two years with opportunities available for renewal on a case by case basis. Contracts are usually on a 'single status' basis, this means if you would like to travel with a spouse or dependents you will need to make your own arrangements for accommodation. Exceptions to this may be possible for more senior positions.

Hospitals in the UAE are state of the art and provide high levels of clinical care. Nurses are required in many specialities including ICU, Emergency, Acute, Surgical and more.

Salaries are typically comparable to those in Australia, but there may be a number of additional benefits that make the total remuneration very attractive including:

- salaries paid tax free (we recommend that you review the taxation implications with a registered tax professional)
- furnished accommodation
- yearly bonuses
- free flights
- free recreation services (gym memberships etc)
- bonus overtime pay
- six to ten weeks vacation per year
- free medical and emergency healthcare

If you are interested in working in the UAE as a health professional, we highly recommend you seek the assistance of an agency that specialises in the placement of health professionals in the Middle East, such as CCM or Geneva Healthcare.

For more information on working in the Middle East, including information on the social and cultural elements, view our webinar by clicking the link below.

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