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  • SA close to latest virus peak

    Author: AAP

New modelling has South Australia about a week away from the peak in COVID-19 cases during the current wave.

Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier says the latest data suggests virus numbers should be declining in time for Christmas.

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Case numbers in SA are now expected to peak at about 1000 a day.

Hospital numbers, while likely to increase, are forecast to remain lower than during previous waves.

The latest modelling takes into account the projected impact of new COVID-19 variants XBB and BQ.1.


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Currently, XBB accounts for about five per cent of SA cases and BQ.1 about 30 per cent.

Professor Spurrier said based on the latest figures there was no need to re-introduce any restrictions, such as mask mandates or density limits.

"We have to get used to the fact that this is going to come in waves," she said.

"People know what to do to keep themselves safe."

However, as case numbers increased, Professor Spurrier said it was highly recommended people wear masks in indoor settings, such as shopping centres, and on public transport.

Last week SA reported 6867 new cases along with seven deaths.

That was a big rise from the 3797 reported the previous week.

There were 83 people in hospital including seven in intensive care.


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