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Diabetes is Australia's fastest growing chronic disease and the sixth leading cause of death, yet over 60% of cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable. By 2031 it is estimated that 3.3 million Australians will have type 2 diabetes. In the face of this pandemic there is a growing need to understand the financial and societal costs of diabetes and to raise awareness of the seriousness of the disease.

World Diabetes Day is November 14th, visit for more information or share this post with friends and family and help spread awareness for diabetes.

Fast Facts

  • 347 million people in the world have diabetes, 90% of those have type 2 diabetes which is usually preventable. - Tweet this
  • A person with diabetes is at least twice as likely to die at any given time as their peers without diabetes - Tweet this
  • 280 Australians develop diabetes every day - Tweet this
  • It's estimated up to 1.7 million Australians have type 2 diabetes but up to half of these are undiagnosed - Tweet this
  • By 2031, it's estimated 3.3 million Australians will have type 2 diabetes - Tweet this
  • Smokers are twice as likely to become diabetic as non-smokers - Tweet this

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