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Staff who snoop on medical records to be fired

SA patient record snoops to be sacked
Photo: SA patient record snoops to be sacked
SA Health workers caught snooping on patient medical records will be fired on the spot after employees were found to have accessed information on Cy Walsh.

South Australian health workers caught snooping on patient records in the future will be sacked.

This comes after 13 employees, including doctors and nurses, were found to have inappropriately accessed the medical records of Cy Walsh after the stabbing death of his father last year, SA Health says.

Another six clinicians were disciplined, and two were sacked, for snooping on other patients' records over the past year.

Chief executive David Swan has slammed the "extremely unprofessional, completely inappropriate behaviour" and says anyone caught in the future will be fired.
"We have a right and responsibility to, when we access clinical information of a patient, ensure that we keep it completely confidential," he told reporters on Monday.

The government said it would release details every three months on the number of staff caught snooping.

Mr Swan said the majority of employees did the right thing.


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