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  • Don't panic over Ebola scare, says AMA

    Author: AAP

The Australian Medical Association says there is no need to over-react about a Cairns nurse's Ebola scare.

There's no need to panic or over-react due to the latest Ebola scare, the Australian Medical Association says.

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Cairns nurse Sue-Ellen Kovack, 57, who travelled to west Africa to help Ebola victims, was quarantined in hospital on Thursday and is awaiting test results for the deadly virus.

Federal MP Bob Katter, whose electorate includes the southern area of Cairns and the Cairns airport, has slammed quarantine authorities for letting her return home where she remained in quarantine as per normal protocol.

AMA president Brian Owler has called for calm, reiterating that Australia has one of the safest health systems in the world and all precautionary measures have been followed.


Chief Executive Officer
Alexandra District Health
Clinical Nurse Manager
Frontline Health Auckland
Registered Nurse - Aged Care
Bentleys Queensland

"It is reported that the nurse remained in isolation at her home according to health guidelines, and regularly checked her temperature," he said in a statement.

"Both the Australian Chief Medical Officer and the Queensland Chief Health Officer have given assurances that all the correct procedures have been undertaken to contain any infection or contamination, if indeed it is Ebola."

Professor Owler dismissed Mr Katter's belief Ms Kovack should have been quarantined for three weeks and said it was irresponsible and unwarranted.

"This nurse and other aid workers should be praised for their humanity, bravery, and compassion," he said.

"They have selflessly gone to west Africa to help thousands of poor suffering people who are trapped in one of the greatest humanitarian crises facing the world in recent times.

"Mr Katter should cease spreading fear and panic and leave the commentary to the health experts who have control of the situation."

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