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South Australia to deploy mobile virus testing vans

Mobile testing vans to be deployed in SA
Photo: SA to deploy mobile virus testing vans
South Australia will deploy mobile testing vans to increase the checks for cases of COVID-19, following the hard closure of the border with Victoria.

Mobile testing stations will be deployed across Adelaide next week as South Australia ramps up efforts to keep COVID-19 in check.

SA Pathology boss Tom Dodd says the testing vans will add to the broad range of options for South Australians.

"It will make it really straightforward for people to get a test," he said.

"It will also give us an option to do blitz-testing around a location where there was a case."

The move follows the hard closure of the border between Victoria and SA and comes amid growing concern over the spike in coronavirus cases in Melbourne.
Anyone who has been in Victoria over the past two weeks is also being asked to get tested, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.

And anyone returning to SA in the coming days will be asked to take a coronavirus test within 24 hours and again on day 12.

They will be handed a mask when they cross the border, which they will be asked to wear when in contact with other people, and they will also be required to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier says SA will only be able to weed out any potential COVID-19 cases if people continue to get tested.

"I want to see the testing numbers go up in South Australia," she said.

"Because of the threat from Victoria, the only way I can pick up if the disease is here (in SA) is if everybody with respiratory symptoms gets tested."

SA had no new virus cases on Thursday and has no active infections.


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