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New MediTracker app keeps your patients safe

Photo: New MediTracker app keeps your patients safe
A next generation smartphone app for patients to view their medical summary has finally been created, overcoming issues that have plagued previous online patient management systems.

An Australian first, developed by Precedence Health Care, MediTracker runs on a patient’s smartphone and displays their medical summary so that after hours, or in an emergency, they can be treated safely.

Unlike conventional electronic health records, MediTracker is a cloud-based service and network that connects GPs, allied health, specialists, and patients to one another. It also connects to the cdmNet coordinated care platform, currently linking over 90,000 chronically ill patients and 25,000 care providers.

cdmNet, together with MediTracker, is endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for improving quality of care in general practice.
“MediTracker is more like Facebook than My Health Record,“ says Precedence CEO, Professor Michael Georgeff. “It was designed to connect GPs and other healthcare providers, to let them share patient information and communicate seamlessly over the Internet without the need for faxes and telephone tag.”

Using MediTracker, patients can quickly check on medications and dosages so there is no confusion. It can share view-only medical summaries with care teams, allied health and emergency medical teams.

MediTracker displays information about a patient’s previous and current health conditions, medications, allergies, and immunisations. It also displays and graphs measurements and selected (non-sensitive) pathology results that have been seen by the GP and recorded in their clinical system.

MediTracker does not retrieve GP notes, documents, or records marked confidential. 

The app, to be launched nationally to GP practices on March 7, is free for GP practices to use and integrates seamlessly with Best Practice, Medical Director and ZedMed. Patients pay an annual subscription of $5.99.

Professor Georgeff said MediTracker had been specifically designed to improve quality of care issues that have challenged patients and GPs.

“GPs have never been under more pressure with workloads. This is a simple communication tool that gives GPs a way of making sure their patients have the correct information they need.

It also ensures other health care professionals have quick access to all the relevant medical facts about that patient,” Professor Georgeff said.

“It is ideal for patients living with a chronic disease or a complex health condition as it enables them to accurately recall all their medical information after hours, when they are away from home, in emergencies or dealing with different care team members. Family members can also use MediTracker to keep track of young children with chronic illness or elderly parents.

“Unlike My Health Record, which is a general information store of patient health data available to everyone, we designed MediTracker so that it supports GP-led patient-centred care. It aims to improve the GP-patient relationship and increase patient loyalty to a single GP practice, as recommended in the recent PHCAG report on achieving better outcomes for patients.”

The app is also integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit. With patient consent, health and fitness measurements from home monitoring devices and wearables can be uploaded automatically to the MediTracker cloud. This data can then be accessed by the patient’s GP and care team via the web.

GPs can expect that in the coming months their patients will ask about MediTracker as Precedence research shows that this app will be eagerly received by the millions of Australians who are looking to have better and easier access to information about their health and health records.

The MediTracker network uses SSL/TLS encryption with all data hosted in Australia in an ISO27001 certified facility.

“MediTracker provides security at multiple levels and requires patient consent for access and sharing of information,” says Professor Georgeff.

IPN, Australia’s largest network of medical practices, has been trialling MediTracker in five of their practices ahead of the March launch. They plan to rollout MediTracker to all IPN practices across Australia.

Dr Malcolm Clark, a Victorian GP who has recently connected to MediTracker, said patients at his clinic thought MediTracker was a great way to manage their existing health problems.

“My patients say that being able to have instant access their medical records - and those of their family members - makes them feel more engaged, more powerful, and more responsible for managing their own health care needs.

“MediTracker should help our patients keep track of their medications and know the correct dosages, which is especially important to decrease the risk of having life-changing complications in chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes,” Dr Clark said.

“This is a real game changer for general practice medicine.”

For more details about how the system works, including easy installation and the safeguards in place, visit MediTracker requires practices to install a small software connector downloadable from or via the Best Practice monthly data update.


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