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Ever Considered Working in the Middle East?

Ever Considered Working in the Middle East?
Photo: Ever Considered Working in the Middle East?
Ahlan Wa Sahlan

Welcome, may you arrive as part of the family.
Working in the Middle East is fast becoming a popular career destination for many Health Professionals. Not only is there an extensive variety of attractive Nursing and Allied Health job opportunities available, the personal and professional benefits are second to none. From the uniqueness of Saudi Arabia to the cosmopolitan cities in the United Arab Emirates, there is a location to suit everyone. To make sure you get the best kind of information and advice you need to work with a professional recruitment agency with experienced Recruitment Consultants to help you each step of the way. Geneva Health's Middle East Recruitment Team have recently returned from one of their regular visits to the region and can share with you the most up to date information on life and living in this great location. They also keep in regular contact with the people they have helped find work there, and can draw on the experiences many other Nurses and Allied Health Professionals have encountered. Why not check out the career opportunities on Geneva Health's website But in the meantime, Geneva Health have answered some of the most common questions that are often at the top of people’s minds when considering international opportunities in this part of the world.
Why do people really decide to live and work in the Middle East?

Many people choose to live and work in Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the first instance for financial reasons; the salaries are usually better, bearing in mind the variations with exchange rates. But what really makes the difference is the actual money you end up with. Your salary has no tax taken out of it; you have no housing costs, electricity, gas or water charges to meet, no transport costs between work and home and free buses to and from shopping centres. This all means that at the end of the month you have more disposable income. Money aside, the number of holidays you can take, the life-long friends you will make and the lifestyle may well keep you there for longer. I have never regretted coming… It’s been an amazing experience. I managed to pay off a massive student loan in less than 12 months, and now I’m saving for a house. I've travelled, I've shopped, and still do on a weekly basis (the malls are addictive; love you Fendi, Juicy, Zara!!! The thing that helped me survive the hard times is good friends.)

What is the accommodation like and can I leave the Compound

A compound is your accommodation provided free of charge by the hospitals; it is normally a secure and gated community like those starting to appear in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. They are usually self contained in that as well as providing accommodation there are recreational facilities, shops and normally a café or restaurant. Your Geneva Consultant will provide you with accurate information on the different ones available.

Can I leave the compound?

Yes, you can travel throughout the cities and regions in Saudi Arabia. Tourism itself is only new to the region so you have the opportunity to travel to some of the most unique places seldom seen by others outside the area. As a woman you can travel alone - you don't need to be in the company of a male relative, however most western women prefer to travel with friends to share the experience. Many of the hospital social clubs organise regular weekend getaways within Saudi or other locations close by.

Is it safe?

This is a question often asked and is not that easy to answer. It depends on what you are meaning here; is it safe from terrorists? There are no guarantees in any of the places we live these days, the UK, the USA and Ireland have lost more people as a result of terrorist activities than Saudi Arabia however our families don't seem to have the same anxieties when we board a flight to Heathrow or to JFK as they do when we say we want to go to the Middle East. Many people say they feel safer in Saudi than they do on some of the streets back home – however we always recommend that you manage your own safety as you would in any big city in the world, be aware of where you are, who you are with and how you are going to get home after a night out. If you are considering a new career adventure in Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates for 2011 then speak to Geneva Health to discuss the opportunities available to you. And because there's nothing better than finding out what it's like to work and live in the Middle East first-hand, you might like to join Geneva Health's Facebook Group to chat to the expat health professionals already living and working in Saudi Arabia and the UAE that Geneva Health helped get there.

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For more international job opportunities visit the HealthTimes working abroad page.


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