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  • A new ambulance coordination centre to help with flu response

    Author: AAP

The Queensland government says a new ambulance coordination centre at a major Brisbane hospital will help ease pressure on the health system during flu season.

A new ambulance coordination centre at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital will help to meet demand over the upcoming flu season, the Queensland government says.

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The Patient Access Coordination Hub was officially opened on Tuesday to service the Metro South health district.

Hospital officials say it has already led to shorter wait times for ambulances and a decrease in cases whereby they must wait outside the facility with patients inside until beds become available.

State Health Minister Steven Miles said previous flu seasons had put intense pressure on hospitals, but centres like PACH could help to ease pressure by re-routing ambulances.


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"Last year Queensland experienced one of the worst flu seasons on record, which put extra pressure on our busy paramedics and health professionals," Mr Miles said.

"This certainly makes it much easier to manage those kinds of pressures."

The centre cost $1.2 million and features existing and new Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Health staff.


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