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As the new year is fast approaching, many of us are starting to think about potential health kicks and ways in which we can improve our overall wellness.

Below is a selection of top tips from physios on how we can be kinder to our bodies:

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1. Water is the elixir of youth

Drinking water is nothing new, but are you drinking enough? Physios advise you to drink even when you aren’t thirsty. Being hydrated has a myriad of benefits, including optimal cardiovascular health, keeping muscles and joints fluid and functioning, glowing skin and watering your internal organs is beneficial for their overall functionality. Scheduling water breaks or reminders multiple times a day can help increase your water intake. Apps such as Hydro and Water Time can help you stay on track.

2. Tune-in

While it may sound cliché to tell you to listen to your body, many physios believe that the majority of us simply don’t tune in with what our bodies are telling us. Our bodies are constantly sending us messages with some of the basic ones being thirst, hunger and fatigue. But when you experience symptoms such as headaches, a sore neck, or pain from poor posture – these are warning signs from your body. While a lot of us ignore those messages and press on, actually addressing them and doing something about them can stop those issues from becoming bigger long-term problems.

3. Connect with your body through movement

This doesn’t necessarily mean a regimented gym workout, but more putting time aside either every day or several times a week to connect with your body through breathing, stretching, massage – whatever works best for you. Make this a routine and it will become an important part of your wellness regime and something that you look forward to.


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Rahima Saikal

Rahima Saikal is a freelance journalist and content creator and has been working in the media industry for 10+ years all around the world.

Rahima enjoys writing about healthcare, wellness, travel and social change movements, particularly animal rights.

Having written numerous articles for both print and online publications, Rahima is well versed in what makes a good story.

Rahima lives between Bali and Australia with her family and 3 Bali dogs.