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  • Authorities warned about wild mushroom poisonings in NSW

    Author: AAP

The NSW Poisons Information Centre says eight people were admitted to hospital with wild mushroom poisoning in just one week.

At least eight people in NSW have been admitted to hospital after being poisoned by wild mushrooms, prompting a warning from authorities.

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The NSW Poisons Information Centre said five of those were the result of intentionally eating mushrooms foraged from fields.

"If not properly identified, mushrooms picked in the wild can make you very ill and could be lethal, so people should only eat shop-bought mushrooms," Genevieve Adamo said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Cooking or boiling wild mushrooms does not make them safe to eat."


Recent rain across NSW has created perfect growing conditions for wild mushrooms, but it's difficult for most people to distinguish between edible and poisonous varieties.

Some poisonous mushrooms in Australia look similar to edible wild mushrooms in Europe.

In 2018, the centre received 218 calls about wild mushroom exposure and 70 people were admitted to hospital with poisoning.

Almost 40 calls were made this past week alone, with eight people in hospital.


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