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  • Impact of Sydney lockdown on public IVF patients

    Author: HealthTimes

With the Sydney lockdown placing pressure on hospitals, Sydney’s most affordable bulk-billed IVF Clinic, Connect IVF, is offering to take on patients who have had their IVF treatments postponed.

Connect IVF is now being contacted by IVF patients from Sydney hospitals including the Royal Hospital for Women, RPA and Westmead who have had their treatments paused mid-cycle.

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As an essential service, Connect IVF is still seeing patients in their Sydney clinic and in their embryology lab, and the team have quickly adapted to ensure patients can access tele-health appointments and have the ability to do their scans and pathology with providers close to home.

Through bulk-billed, quality IVF treatment, Connect IVF is giving Sydney couples access to as many IVF cycles as medically appropriate to maximise their chances taking home a baby during COVID-19.

The Sydney CBD lab combines the latest in evidence based IVF technology with a team of expert doctors and nurses who have more than seven decades of IVF experience.

Patients are guided through the IVF process and benefit from Connect IVF’s personalised support, tailored treatment plans and world class technology.

“Our message to both referring doctors and their hospital IVF couples who have been impacted by the Sydney lockdown is simple: we are here to help, and we have the clinical capacity, medical experience and the latest proven technology to streamline patient transition to Connect IVF.”

“Research and literature for years has shown that the best pathway to IVF parenthood is to do more IVF cycles, and with the ongoing Sydney lockdown placing additional financial pressure on couples, it’s critical we continue providing patients with access to tailored and affordable fertility services.”

“As an essential service, we are still seeing patients in our clinic and lab, and we have adapted to ensure any patients who do not wish to travel can continue their IVF journey during lockdown.”

“With male fertility halving since the 1970’s and almost 1 in 20 Australians now born through IVF, Australia is facing a fertility crisis, and someone’s ability to start a family shouldn’t depend on what they earn. Affordable IVF treatment has never been more important, that’s why we’re here to help.”


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