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Does the world need another pelvic floor trainer?

Does the world need another pelvic floor trainer?
Photo: Does the world need another pelvic floor trainer?
In California’s Silicon Valley a group of pelvic floor specialists, designers thought it did. So did the women who pledged through Kickstarter to fund the ground-breaking kGoal Pelvic Floor Trainer. Seventy percent of women will experience incidents of poor bladder control. In most cases this can be managed by effective pelvic floor exercise. The problem before kGoal is that these exercises have been boring; and lets face it…….we don't like doing them.

kGoal is the smartest and most innovative interactive training system (device + free smart phone/tablet app) for female pelvic floor exercises. kGoal now offers two integrated exercise programmes with more to come, a vibrating biofeedback option, and 180 day tracking of strength and endurance. Unlike rigid devices kGoal is made from soft medical grade silicone and is adjustable to fit different body types. kGoal's unique 360 degree sensing technology, is compatible with Apple iOS v8 and Android v4.3 devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

Introducing Minna's kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer from Minna Life on Vimeo.

Visit our website for further information.

kGoal is available through stockist pharmacies found on our website and via our online Shop.  Physiotherapists can order kGoal for their patients by phoning Starnberg Medical on 1300 737 972. We welcome enquires form Physiotherapists wishing to become a kGoal stockist. The
recommended retail price of kGoal is $188.00. kGoal product information, a wholesale pricelist  and patient brochures are available on request via

kGoal is defining how women in the 21st Century solve that age-old problem, - Bladder Control.
Download the kGoal App, connect kGoal to your smart device, and be on your way to taking control.

kGoal is distributed in Australia, New Zealand and Asia by
Starnberg Medical Pty Ltd. Starnberg Medical is also the importer of the EPI-NO Childbirth & Pelvic Floor Trainer.


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