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  • Medicare report puts patients at heart of reforms

    Author: AAP


* The federal government will commit $750 million to strengthening Medicare funds at the next budget for the recommended reforms.

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* Patient-centered care is at the heart of the report's recommendations.

* The report called for a staged approach to reforms to ensure governments can monitor their progress and impact.

* More funding and better funding models to make healthcare services more affordable.


* Ensure Australians on low incomes can access primary care at no or low cost.

* Increase the availability of primary care services for urgent care to help with after office hours needs and reduce burden on emergency departments.

* Increase length of general practice consults.

* Better support for general practices and other primary care businesses to be able to employ nurses and allied health professionals.

* States and territories to review barriers and incentives for medical professionals to particular specialisations such as general practice.

* Specific measures to address challenges in rural and remote Australia, by giving a greater role to primary health networks in these areas.

* Modernise My Health Record to increase information available to individuals and their healthcare professionals.

* Improve functionality of digital health and ensure state and federal levels of health care are better connected.

* Invest in health data for research and to evaluate models of care.

* Make it easier for all Australians to access, manage, understand and share their own health information and find the right care by improving digital healthcare literacy.

* Increase flexibility in models of care to address local needs.

* Work with healthcare providers to help them manage transitions to new ways of working.

* Support continued professional development for healthcare workers.


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