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Mussel extract from New Zealand could help kids with ADHD

Photo: A bit of mussel could help kids with ADHD
An extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel could help kids struggling with ADHD and learning problems.

Use a little mussel if your kids are out of control, new research suggests.

A unique group of fatty acids extracted from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel can help with ADHD, hyperactivity and learning problems, researchers from Swinburne University say.

Children treated with a capsules of the mussel extract over 14 weeks were better behaved at home and had reduced hyperactivity compared to a placebo group, the study published in the February journal of Psychopharmacology found.

Lead researcher Con Stough said the biggest improvements were seen in kids with less severe ADHD.
"What we'd typically see are calmer children that are better able to focus," Professor Stough said in a statement.

"Which may help them to perform simple daily tasks such as unpacking their school bag, sitting at the table for dinner and reading a book."

The placebo-controlled study involved 144 children aged six to 14 years.


  • 34 per cent improvement in reports of bad behaviour at home
  • 13 per cent improvement in attention
  • 10 per cent improvement in symptoms of hyperactivity
  • Five per cent improvement in symptoms relating to learning problems
  • Symptoms of ADHD improved by 20 per cent.


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