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  • UK finds 176 kids with mystery hepatitis

    Author: AAP

More than 170 children with sudden onset hepatitis have been identified in the United Kingdom.

An update from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) showed an extra 13 cases, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 176 as of May 10.

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None of the children have died.

Of the confirmed cases, 128 are resident in England, 26 are in Scotland, 13 are in Wales and nine are in Northern Ireland.

Health officials are continuing to investigate cases of sudden onset hepatitis in children aged 10 and under that have been identified since January 2022.


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The usual viruses that cause infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A to E) have not been detected.

The cases are predominantly in children under five years old who showed initial symptoms of gastroenteritis illness - diarrhoea and nausea - followed by the onset of jaundice.

As part of the investigation, a small number of children over the age of 10 are also being investigated, the UKHSA said.

The investigation continues to suggest an association with adenovirus, which is the most often detected virus in the samples that have been tested.


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