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COVID-19: frontline nurse & influencer uses social media platforms to support colleagues

Photo: COVID-19: frontline nurse & influencer uses social media platforms to support co....
A nurse and social media influencer has used his platform to encourage the donation of products to help support nurses on the frontline of COVID-19 testing

Franz Arevalo, a senior clinical nurse, and fitness influencer @thenattynurse has secured thousands of dollars worth of products for his nursing colleagues.

Arevalo ran a COVID-19 funded clinical base assessment unit for 10 weeks with a team of nurses from around the city.

“I felt that they needed appreciation for their bravery and dedication and I was in a position where I can help serve other people through my social media,” he says.

“I wanted to inspire the nurses I worked with and encourage them, and acknowledge the sacrifices they were making every day to combat this pandemic,” says Arevalo.

“For nurses this is our season, and we have been able to show people how capable we are and what we can do,” he says.
So far Arevalo has secured food from several restaurant chains and more than $3,000 worth of bedding products for medical teams to get much needed rest post shifts.

“Often we were working six days a week and they were so grateful to be recognised for their work,” he says.

Emma Edwards spokesperson for Ecosa NZ says the company was more than happy to make the donation and thank New Zealand nurses for the incredible work they do.

“We are so grateful for the way nurses have tirelessly worked to help combat COVID-19 often putting themselves and their own health at risk for the sake of their patients,” she says.

“We hope this donation goes in some small way to showing how indebted we are to these workers and that they get some rest as case numbers continue to drop,” says Edwards.

Arevalo says he plans to continue to promote the good work of his nursing colleagues and hopes the Government will also recognise their contribution on stamping out COVID-19 by waiving student loans.


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