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  • An innovative new stool test unlocks DNA of a person's gut bacteria launched in Queensland

    Author: AAP

A stool test which can reveal information about a person's gut bacteria and ways it may affect their health has been launched in Queensland.

Microba is the first Australian company to offer gut bacteria DNA sequencing technology direct-to-consumers under a venture with the University of Queensland.

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The stool test kits can give consumers an understanding of the species of bacteria and micro-organisms living in their gut and how they could be affecting their health.

The technology was designed off the back of growing research which suggests gut bacteria can have a huge influence on gut health, wellbeing and even mental health.

The company is hoping the tests can provide the 10.7 million Australians who suffer from some form of digestive problems a clearer understanding of what is happening in their bodies.

"This technology is crucial for understanding the role that the gut microbiome can play in treating disease and improving patient outcomes," Microba's CEO Blake Wills said.

"I am confident we can lead the charge in metagenomic microbiome research in Australia and improve the well-being of individuals and families across the globe".


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