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Providing better health through computer games?

Photo: Providing better health through computer games?
Using computer games and virtual reality technology to create low-risk environments holds ample value for healthcare. With intense, life-or-death situations occurring regularly, medical teams can practice the latest surgery techniques, refine skills and better prepare for emergency situations.

John Hopkins Medical Institute, in conjunction with The Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory and Carey School of Business, developed a large-scale hospital simulation where medical staff can prepare their response to patient safety challenges. To ensure accuracy, they conducted in-depth interviews of key stakeholders as well as analysing processes and data. This program has now enabled other institutes around the world to provide better care.

Dr Mohan Chellappa, Interim Chief Executive Officer and President, Global Ventures of Johns Hopkins Medicine International (USA) will be speaking more about John Hopkin’s work when it comes to ‘Building Patient Time through Technology’ at the Healthcare Leaders Forum, 21 & 22 August, 2018 Swissotel Sydney.
As Australian Healthcare approaches a moment of distinction, the 3rd annual Forum congregates executives from all sectors of the industry to network, discuss and discover. Gathering a range of perspectives from the government, NGOs and private sector, the forum will be covering essential topics including:
• Achieving Interoperability
• Digital Transformation
• Patient Empowerment
• Healthcare Integration
• Clinician-Led Transformation

These topics will equip delegates with the insights necessary to navigate a shifting landscape that is seeing old and new models of healthcare collide alongside increasing patient empowerment. The industry’s capacity to adapt will be critical to its future – and the health of the nation.
To discover and uncover more about these transformative models and initiatives, register with the code HTA1 for a discounted rate of $1000 + GST. Register via the website:
or call 02 8004 8590.”

Source: Chellappa M, 2018, ‘“Call of Duty” meets ER’, John Hopkins Medical International, accessed 12 June 18,


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