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  • A World of Opportunities with Geneva Healthcare

    Author: HealthTimes

Back in 2012, New Zealand nurse Merryn Carr decided it was time for a change.  With adult children and no commitments at home, the time was right to pack her bags and go on an Australian adventure.  “I contacted Geneva Healthcare because they were a name I had seen in journals for years.  My sister also contacted Geneva Healthcare many years ago when she was considering a move overseas, so she also recommended them.”

Three years later, and the adventure continues.  “I enjoy that I’m off on a new adventure every few months.  I get to combine work with travel.  It’s been a great way to see Australia.  Geneva Healthcare has contracts available all over Australia and has been able to provide me with work whenever I want it.  Dealing with them is straight forward and simple.  They really do take care of everything and I enjoy their responsive and personable service.  I’ve been to places that a lot of people have never heard of and will never see.  I live at no fixed abode, have no responsibilities, and no commitments.  I live with whatever I have in my suitcase.  That’s freedom!”

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So far, Merryn has worked in regional hospitals in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and has always felt well supported.  “Some places have very small hospitals, but they are all well appointed.  I have always felt that I am in a safe working environment and never thought patient care was being compromised.  The permanent staff have always been very welcoming to me, and they really appreciate contract nurses taking the time to come and help.”

Merryn finds the travelling can be hard.  “You can travel long distances, often getting off a flight and then hopping on a train or bus for several hours.  But it’s worth the effort in the end.  When you arrive your provided accommodation always has everything you need.  Bedding, towels, cutlery etc.  Sometimes it will be in a shared house, which can be testing when everyone is on shift work.  But often I have had my own unit which is great.”

Another challenge Merryn has faced has been caring for Aboriginal patients and she has relished this opportunity.  She was fortunate enough to be put on a course on Aboriginal health which she found to be of huge benefit in her understanding of how to communicate with these patients.  “It’s a real privilege being able to care for members of the Aboriginal community.  I’ve appreciated this experience.  I even had a few Aboriginal ladies do some art work for me.”

Working in different locations and different hospitals has benefited Merryn’s professional development.  She has developed A&E and triage skills from working in the small remote hospitals where you deal with anyone who walks through the door as well as managing the inpatient beds.  And in a recent placement Merryn found herself caring for paediatric patients and babies, something she had only very limited experience in doing previously.

Of course, there has been personal benefit for Merryn too.  Having no major outgoings means almost every dollar she earns is disposable income.  “You get paid more and have no expenses.  I’ve paid for my daughter’s wedding, sent my son to Europe and bought myself a house.”

So will Merryn continue contracting?  “Definitely!  I’m ready to look for my next placement soon after I have a wee break.  It suits my lifestyle right now.  I look forward to meeting new people and adding new friends on Facebook.  I’m never lonely.  You find yourself banding together with other agency nurses, going out for dinners and lunches, doing road trips around the countryside.  Locals invite you over for BBQs.  It’s really great.”

If the idea of living and working somewhere new has crossed your mind, then Geneva Healthcare should be the first company you call. 

With health industry jobs in Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Kingdom, they are the absolute experts in permanent and contract placements for nurses, midwives and allied health professionals.

Because of their excellent reputation and relationships with clients in these countries, many of them call Geneva Healthcare first, before any other recruitment agency.  That means Geneva Healthcare has an excellent variety of destinations and opportunities on offer, and will work closely with you to find the ones that excite you most – professionally and personally.

When you partner with Geneva Healthcare, just some of the things that you can expect are:
• A free service.  There is no cost to you
• Personal and professional service from a friendly team
• Expert knowledge
• Access to a variety of reputable employers and destinations, offering you optimum choices
• Dedicated Recruitment Consultants that work with you to source you the right job and assist you with everything that is required to get you there.  This includes support in gaining necessary registration, visas, police checks, etc.
• Extensive pre and post placement support including organisation of initial temporary accommodation, orientation and advice on local facilities, cost of living etc.
• Negotiation of relocation and/or accommodation allowances when available (please note: allowances are not guaranteed and will vary depending on the employer and destination)

Contact Geneva Healthcare today to find out where your career could take you!
Within Australia:  1800 123 900
Within New Zealand:  0800 900 801
Within United Kingdom:  0800 404 7591


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