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  • How to find a super fund that works for you

    Author: HealthTimes

As a healthcare worker, you spend your working life taking care of people. Queensland’s oldest superannuation fund, QSuper also looks after thousands of people like you. In fact, today QSuper manages the retirement savings of more than 114,000 Queensland healthcare workers[1] to help them achieve a better financial future.

When looking for the right super fund for you, fees and proven performance over time are two of the biggest factors to consider.

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Lower fees mean more money for your retirement

Super funds have different fees, and they can all affect your superannuation balance now and into retirement. But it’s important to compare apples with apples, so when you’re comparing one super fund with another, be sure to take into account all the fees and costs that apply. QSuper makes it as simple as possible to understand the fees that apply to its members’ accounts. Unlike many other super funds, QSuper doesn’t charge entry or exit fees, or fees to switch investments.

Independent ratings agencies are also a trusted source of information when it comes to value-for-money. They compare a range of funds, considering all the fees and costs that apply.


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You might be interested to know that independent ratings agency SuperRatings has awarded QSuper the Platinum ‘Best Value for Money’ rating 10 years in a row[2],  giving QSuper members confidence they are getting good value for money. In fact, QSuper’s focus on striving to keep fees low means its members benefit from one of the lowest administration fees in the country[3].

Look for proven performance

You spend your working life looking after others, so it’s important to feel confident that your super savings are in safe hands. According to ASIC’s Money Smart website, picking a fund that has performed well over the past five years is a better choice than chasing last year’s best performer. After all, super is a long-term investment built over a lifetime, which is why you should trust 10 years of performance, not one.

QSuper’s Balanced option has continued to post positive returns, both over the last financial year and over the longer term. According to Chant West, QSuper is in the top 10 performing growth funds in Australia over the 10 years to June 2018[4].  QSuper members can feel confident knowing it aims to deliver strong, consistent long-term returns with fewer ups and downs along the way[5].

Not a QSuper member yet?  Now you can join the most recommended super fund with the most satisfied members[6,7].

This information is provided by QInvest Limited (ABN 35 063 511 580, AFSL 238274), which is ultimately owned by the QSuper Board (ABN 32 125 059 006, AFSL 489650) as trustee for QSuper (ABN 60 905 115 063). QInvest is a separate legal entity responsible for the financial services it provides. All QSuper products are issued by the QSuper Board as trustee for QSuper. This is general information only, so it does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation, or needs. You should consider whether QSuper is right for you, by downloading and reading the PDS from or calling us on 1300 360 750 to request a copy. © QSuper Board 2018. ADV-107 11/18

[1] QSuper has 114,000 members working for Queensland Health.
[2] Awarded SuperRatings 10 year Platinum Performance 2008-2018 Rating on 23 November 2017. SuperRatings does not issue, sell, guarantee, or underwrite this product. Go to for details of its ratings criteria. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Awards and ratings are only one factor when deciding how to invest your super.
[3] Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey March 2018. Chant West does not issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite
this product. Go to for further information about the methodology used. For the QSuper Lifetime option only.
[4] Chant West media release, 19 July 2018. ‘Super Funds Have That Positive Feeling Yet Again.’
[5] Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
[6] Engaged Strategy 2018 Superannuation Consumer Loyalty and Recommendation Study. Survey of more than 1,700 Australians, using the Net Promoter Score framework, in conjunction with customer experience, loyalty and brand metrics.
[7] Roy Morgan, 18 June 2018, Finding No. 7629, accessed 18 June 2018 at


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