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Making a jump from Nurse to Leader

Photo: Making a jump from Nurse to Leader
Not all nurses and midwives begin their career with thoughts of becoming a leader. However, becoming a Unit Manager or higher, is a step on the clinical ladder that an increasing number hope to achieve.

The question facing most aspiring leaders is how do they make the career jump from being a high performing health professional to leading and managing a group of nurses and ancillary staff? How do they develop the managerial traits that can help boost morale, encourage teamwork, and keep staff engaged?

Being well-versed in clinical leadership requires competencies beyond those associated with excellence in clinical practice, yet few receive the training and support necessary to ensure they have the effective leadership skills expected to foster their own team and working environment based on excellence and safety.
How do you make the jump?

Most training to this point has been heavily focused on clinical skills not necessarily the strong leadership skills critical in leaders facing the challenges of today’s healthcare environment.

Traditionally many opportunities to enhance your nursing/midwifery management experiences were gained on the job. However, with the advancement in technology there are now complimentary means of expediting your progress into those senior positions.

The good news is that it has never been easier to access courses on any subject under the sun, including leadership. Many organisation’s Learning and Development Platforms already contain a few leadership topics that will give you the building blocks to help you on your journey to becoming the next Unit Manager.

If not, there are organisations and not for profits like Kineo; leaders in online clinical and leadership training, for individuals and organisations to access that training quickly and relatively inexpensively. It’s well demonstrated that those who do invest in this type of training are leading the way in developing strong and capable leaders for today and the future.

Picking the right training

Good online leadership training will demonstrate new ways of thinking about finding solutions and promote a lead by example mentality. It helps to reveal each nurse, midwife and allied health professional their own inherent abilities.

It also follows that if you invest in your learning, particularly if you opt for online leadership development courses, you are demonstrating the right behaviours all leaders need. Independence and the capacity to rely on one’s own judgement is a crucial quality in leaders, but it’s also useful as you will feel more in control and engaged.

Kineo currently supports over a million health professionals develop the clinical, leadership and compliance training required in today’s demanding and changing health care system. To continue its support of the organisations, nurses and midwives, they have put together a special introductory pack of leadership training to help make the jump from nurse to leader.

Kineo is also providing opportunities for hospitals, other health services to offer their full clinical and leadership training at affordable rates.

To invest in your future as a nurse leader, visit:
Enter your Health Times code TAKE25 at the checkout to receive your 25% discount off individual course titles. We also have a selection of already discounted course bundles available.
Offer ends 1st September 2019.


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