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  • Doctors say they are losing the battle of the bulge with obese patients

    Author: AAP

Queensland doctors say overweight patients are not prepared to change their lifestyle to lead a more healthier life despite the health implications.

Queensland doctors say we are losing the fight against obesity with a five per cent increase across the board in the number of adults and children who are overweight.

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Australian Medical Association Queensland (AMAQ) President Dr Dilip Dhupelia said the overwhelming majority of their doctors said their advice was not being heeded and patients lacked the craving to tackle their weight issues.

Figures provided by the AMAQ, based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data, show that 66 per cent of adults and 25 per cent of children are overweight or obese.

It's a five per cent increase across the board from 2007-08.


"Nearly 90 per cent of doctors said their patients were not prepared to change their diet or exercise, even when they were aware of the health dangers of being overweight or obese. Clearly, we are losing the battle of the bulge," he said.

"We are very surprised that GPs are actually seeing an increase in obesity rates in Queensland and the apathy of patients who know what the risks of obesity are but are not prepared to do anything about it."

He was concerned about the number of fast-food outlets popping up around Queensland and the lack of sport being played by children.

"We relate it to the easier availability of fast food, more time on activities that are sedentary, such as screen time and social media, and less participation in sports and activities," he said.

Obesity was also generational and there was less likelihood of a child being obese if their parents lived healthy lifestyles.

"If a parent adopts healthy eating, exercises regularly, is of normal weight and doesn't smoke, and drinks within required limits then there is the likelihood that their children will not be obese," he said

The AMAQ raised concerns about the inaction of patients as part of Obesity Awareness Week which begins on Monday.

Anyone who is obese or concerned about their weight should see their local GP for a health check and create a plan to shed kilos.


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