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  • Why People Choose GEMt Dry Needling Training Courses

    Author: Health Times

‘Why should I do your course’? is likely the most common question my team gets asked here at GEMt headquarters, which is why we’re providing you with the answer right now!

Although there are many reasons why manual therapists choose the GEMt Dry Needling education seminars, here are our top ten course features to consider:

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1. Needling is a procedure, and we teach it as such.

I recently had some dental work, which consisted of four visits and numerous injections; but not once did I see a syringe or dental tool. Why? Because dentists know how to perform a procedure (and they sure know how to charge for it too!).

We teach Dry Needling with a similar approach. That is, following strict protocols to ensure optimal safety and clinical outcomes.  


Medical Officer- Rehabilitation
St Vincent's Private Hospital Northside
Human Resources Advisor
St Vincent's Hospital
Registered Nurse/Clinical Nurse (Accident and Emergency Department)
SA Health, Flinders & Upper North Local Health Network
Registered Nurse
South Coast Radiology

2. Regarding safety, our approach and teaching style protects the most important person in the room. YOU.

We achieve that in a couple of ways:

a. We are there to support each needle entry during practical sessions thanks to strict supervisor to participant ratios (1:8), and

b. We wear two gloves to minimise the risk of contamination from bloodborne pathogens.

3. Minimum standards upon entry

Upon course registration, all participants are provided with access to complete online modules that cover theory, safety and anatomy. This process ensures all delegates have reviewed the required information before course commencement.

While we are here, let’s discuss the GEMt Dry Needling course pre-requisites:

  • Level one, two and three courses are suitable for qualified Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors
  • The Essentials Course is suitable for Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists
  • The Upper Limb Course is suitable for Occupational Therapists as well as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors with an interest in the Upper Limb
  • The Lower Limb course is suitable for Podiatrists as well as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors with an interest in the Lower Limb

4. Money-Back Guarantee -  we boast two main objectives to all our GEMt Dry Needling course participants:

a. Our program will change the way you view the human body, and

b. We guarantee our program will take your needling skills to a new level; even if you have completed previous dry needling training programs.

Our policy is simple, and if we don’t achieve these two objectives, tell us what you felt the course was worth and we will refund you the balance. So far, I am pleased to say there have been no refunds!

5. We will change the way you view the Human Body -  that’s a big call isn’t it!

If you are already a needler, try needling Adductor Longus to assess trunk rotation. Or perhaps needle Lat Dorsi and note its effect on cervical rotation. Does this confuse you? We can demonstrate and explain this clinical impact on our courses. You will learn why you need to treat both active and latent trigger points within the relevant myotomes as well as the corresponding spinal segments.

We will challenge your current level of thinking and get you excited to treat your patients again!

6. ‘Do I need to elicit a twitch response’? Is not the question you should be asking!

It should be: ‘What do you mean by I need to twitch it out’?

It is a statement that we regularly use on our GEMt Dry Needling courses, and it refers to obtaining a diminishing response from a constant stimulus; just as you do with other manual techniques.

7. Attention to detail

You only need to have a look at the content on our website, or better still, get a glimpse at a few pages of our 150-page course manual to see the attention to detail that goes into our GEMt Dry Needling education courses Here

8. Comprehensive course program

We offer three courses that range from Introductory to Advanced, and cover everything from quadriceps and glutes, to the hand, TMJ, foot and Scalenes. 

We also offer a ‘Create Your Course’ service, where you can tailor a course to you or your team's individual needs. We can even teach at your venue anywhere in Australia.

On the topic of venue, did we mention that we regularly teach GEMt dry needling courses at many venues around Australia and overseas:

9. Evidence-based approach

The GEMt dry needling course is formed on the best available evidence out there on how to obtain optimal outcomes with your patients. As a result, techniques are always evolving as we strive to teach you the latest and best techniques proven to work on your patients.

10.   GEMt membership

All GEMt Dry Needling course participants have an opportunity to subscribe to a GEMt membership that includes videos of every muscle you have learned, clinical support, mentoring, case studies, discussion forum, clinical tips, research articles, and discounts on our online store where we sell GEMt Needles. Yes, that’s how serious we are about quality needling - we produce our very own needles!

And let’s not forget you can claim CPD points for your continued education on the GEMt Dry Needling site. While we are on the topic of points, GEMt courses are accredited with  many associations for CPD points:

  • APA accredited (2009-2017) 26 CPD points apply
  • Osteopathy Australia endorsed course
  • Recognised by the Chiropractic Board of Australia and allocated 26 Formal Learning Activity Hours
  • Lower Limb Course 13.25 CPD points apply
  • Upper Limb Course 13.5 CPD points apply
  • Massage and Myotherapy Australia accredited (20 PD points)
  • Massage Association of Australia endorsed (20 CPE points)

Take the GEMt Challenge:

If you have already completed a dry needling education course elsewhere, we can offer you the GEMt Challenge. Enter our program and receive a 50% reduced course fee. I mean, what have you got to lose? If we don’t meet our objectives, you can cash in on our Money Back Guarantee! View the terms & conditions of this offer Here

Want to join us on a course or find out more?

Check out the GEMt website here: Or give my team a call, and we will be happy to answer any of your questions: +61 3 9585 8100

Robert De Nardis

Physiotherapist & Director

Global Education of Manual Therapists


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