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Anti-meth campaign launched in WA

WA anti-drug campaign aimed at meth users
Photo: WA anti-drug campaign aimed at meth users
An anti-drug campaign has been launched in WA aimed at young people and addicts of methamphetamine.

An anti-methamphetamine advertising campaign has been launched in Western Australia, with people sharing personal stories about how the drug took control of their lives.

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton said the Drug Aware campaign was aimed at people under the age of 25, who were at risk of using meth, and hard-to-reach regular drug users to encourage them to seek help.

"We are passing on the stories people have told us about meth causing job loss, family fighting, criminal convictions, and of course, so many serious health and mental health problems," she said.

"In each of the ads we also directly link people with where to get help.
"Treatment is available, and we know more people are accessing treatment because it works, and often it's free."

Ms Morton said while there had been a slight increase in amphetamine use over the past three years, data indicated use over the past 10 years had declined and fewer people were using the drug regularly.

But people were using a more potent crystal form of the drug and were using more frequently, resulting in greater levels of harm, she said.


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