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Gonorrhoea infection rates among West Australians aged 25 to 35 are rising

Photo: Gonorrhoea rates spike among 25-35 in WA
Gonorrhoea rates surged in WA last year and figures for the year to date suggest the trend continues upwards.

Gonorrhoea infection rates among West Australians aged 25 to 35 are rising, and health authorities have taken to social media to spread the safe sex message among the age group.

Notifications for the sexually transmitted infection jumped 49 per cent from 2268 to 3390 last year, with rates surging particularly among heterosexual females.

In the first 13 weeks of this year, 1017 cases were reported in WA, up from 767 for the previous corresponding period.

Health authorities also continue to target people aged 15 to 24 in light of the ongoing high STI rates in this cohort.
More than half of the 11,870 chlamydia cases reported in WA last year were in this age group.

And Aboriginal people aged 17 to 29 are being urged to click on a new website allowing users to do a quick STI self-assessment and complete a pathology form if a follow up is needed.


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