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A review of services at Adelaide's mental health facility revealed some staff's bad behaviour

Photo: Poor staff behaviour at SA health facility
SA Health says a review of services at a mental health facility in Adelaide has revealed some bad behaviour among staff.

A review of neurological rehabilitation services at Adelaide's Glenside mental health facility has uncovered coercive behaviour among some staff.

The review was conducted after a number of concerns were raised.

"The review found attitudes and practices amongst some staff which were not in line with contemporary thinking," Clinical Director for Mental Health Leslie Stephan said.

"It cited some underlying reasons for their findings included a lack of training and mentoring for staff, a building design that doesn't reflect the type of conditions being treated, and staff feeling a sense of isolation."

The review also pointed to a lack of hope and respect for patients, and found that the Glenside facility did not meet the needs of many of the residents.
SA Health said it had accepted all 30 recommendations including critical cultural change, embracing professional accountability and person-centred care, and the development of strong and inclusive leadership.

Dr Stephan said SA Health's first steps would be to develop a comprehensive action plan with the oversight of the chief psychiatrist.

"While this was not an easy report to read, we now have a clear picture of the challenges that need to be addressed in order to provide better services for our consumers and better support for our staff," he said.


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