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  • Nursing: if it's your calling, now is your time.

    Author: HealthTimes

You have a calling. Each of us has one. Whether it’s a dream that’s captivated you since you were young, or a gentle voice growing louder inside you each day. The thing is, following a calling can be tricky. Especially when you throw life and responsibilities into the mix. Still, there it is, niggling away at you. If your calling is nursing, it’s drawing you to do something for others. Something of incredible purpose. And the way that THINK Health Education has set up their Diploma of Nursing means that whatever your life looks like, you don’t have to miss out.

So, what’s stopping you from following your calling? Here are four common barriers that the THINK Diploma of Nursing will help you push down.

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BARRIER 1: I’m too busy; I’m too committed

Sounds like: “I’m already working and can’t quit my job.” “I have a family/kids/parents/pets to take care of; there’s no room for me to study too.”

The truth is: THINK gets it. That’s why they offer a unique blended mode of study where you can do most of your course online – when and where it suits you – with one day a week on-campus so you don’t miss out on essential hands-on training. You can work and manage family responsibilities, while also studying for yourself.


Chief Executive Officer
Alexandra District Health
Registered Nurse | Dialysis
St Vincent's Hospital
Registered Nurse

BARRIER 2: It will take too long

Sounds like: “I can’t commit years to studying.” “I don’t want to press pause on my career.”

The truth is: Your diploma only takes 18 months and then you’ll be out in the workforce as an enrolled nurse. While you’re studying, you’ll complete 400 hours of professional clinical placements, meaning you’ll get vital career experience while students in other nursing degrees learn theory at their desks. And, if you decide you want to become a registered nurse down the track, you have a pathway to your Bachelor of Nursing.

BARRIER 3: It’s too late

Sounds like: “I’ve probably missed the cut-off.” “I know these courses have waiting lists and it will be months before I can get started.”

The truth is: Not with THINK. They have four intakes a year – the next ones are in July and October – and no student waiting lists.

BARRIER 4: It’s too far

Sounds like: “There are no campuses near me.” “I don’t know where I’ll be in the coming months so I can’t commit to one location.”

The truth is: THINK is Australia-wide. You can study in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane, and move flexibly between campuses during your course.

There’s nothing holding you back! Start your nursing journey now with THINK’s Diploma of Nursing and step into a future of purpose and promise.


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